Random Boat On Detroit Interstate Causes Chaos

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Random Boat On Detroit Interstate Causes Chaos
Random Boat On Detroit Interstate Causes Chaos

Someone lost their boat in the left lane of Interstate 96 in Detroit, causing chaos for drivers. With so many either distracted or zoning out while cruising along on the highway, it’s really not surprising that at least one car hit the errant boat.

Corvette boat will leave authorities eating sea spray.

More surprising was the fact a major accident didn’t happen. However, in a brief clip of cars speeding by the washed up boat, at least one did hit the watercraft. That seemed to be a glancing blow instead of a crushing collision, thankfully.

Other cars just barely missed hitting the boat. While this happened at night and the craft itself was unlit, that section of I-96 is illuminated. That means drivers should have been able to see what essentially was a large piece of debris in the road, far easier than a tire or something smaller.


And yet it was clear many spotted the boat at the last minute. It’s obvious they were distracted or at least not paying close attention to the road ahead. That should be enough to give everyone pause. If you were driving on an illuminated stretch of highway at night, would you see a vehicle or piece of debris in your lane in time to avoid hitting it?

The other question we have is how can someone lose their boat off the trailer and just keep driving? All you have to do is look in your mirrors and immediately you would notice the absence. Perhaps that driver was also distracted.

With it being summer and people are boating plenty, this is a good reminder to double or triple check that you boat is secure on its trailer before hitting the road. If it slides off, that will do damage to the hull, and a car hitting it will be even worse.

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