A Raptor-Fighting Toyota Tundra Is Reportedly in the Works

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Photo credit: Toyota
Photo credit: Toyota

Ford's successful Raptor line of dune-chasing performance trucks expanded earlier today when the company finally revealed the Bronco Raptor, but that might not be the day's only Baja-ready surprise. According to The Drive, Toyota may be preparing a Tundra-based F-150 Raptor fighter of its own.

According to a tip The Drive received, Toyota is currently testing a trophy-truck-like Tundra variant that is very similar to the TRD Desert Chase shown at last year's SEMA. At the time, that truck was said to be a simple concept showcasing what the new Tundra could be built out to. Now, it appears to be a product Toyota is seriously considering bringing to market in the near future.

That truck was based on the existing TRD Pro, taking the current car's trail-ready focus and turning its eye to higher-speed off-roading with massive 37-inch tires and even greater suspension travel. A final production variant similar to the Desert Chase would likely include both. The concept truck featured the stock 437 horsepower and 583 pound-feet of torque from the TRD Pro's existing hybrid powertrain, but a production desert racer could reach an even higher number if Toyota desired.

Toyota's rollout plan would supposedly feature an entry in an upcoming desert race, something Ford has done with both the F-150 Raptor and the pre-Raptor Bronco in the past decade. If that were Toyota's plan, that entry could come shortly after the truck is revealed.

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