Reckless Kia Takes Michigan State Police Off-Roading

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Reckless Kia Takes Michigan State Police Off-Roading
Reckless Kia Takes Michigan State Police Off-Roading

We’ve personally seen Kias driven recklessly by young kids, often with some damage on the vehicle, making it clear they’re out joyriding in a stolen car. We never find out in this dashcam video if the speeding Kia is in fact boosted, but it would surprise us if it wasn’t. Michigan State Police have their hands full running it down and stopping the pursuit as the suspect driver shows zero regard for the safety of others.

A Kia Boyz documentary is making waves with lawmakers.

Just the way the driver is handling this car is suspicious. Someone who works an 8-5, has other bills, pays for the vehicle, and has to do maintenance plus repairs probably isn’t going to drive it like it’s stolen.


As a Michigan trooper catches up with the Kia, the driver suddenly goes the wrong way on a freeway off-ramp, increasing the danger of the pursuit instantly. Many criminals will do risky things like that with the hope police call off the chase, as quite a few departments will.

Michigan State Police didn’t terminate the pursuit, so the driver shows he’s probably done this a few times. The guy pulls a fast one, suddenly braking as the trooper catches up, then darks across the median, and starts going the right way on the freeway.

With moves like that and a more powerful vehicle, like a muscle car, this guy might stand a chance of getting away from Michigan State Police. Of course, a lot of guys running in powerful rides can’t control them, so it actually works against their escape.

Instead, the guy’s fancy maneuvering over the median was his downfall. As he speeds down the freeway, the driver’s side front tire comes off the wheel’s rim, so he’s down to only three. A Kia is no off-roader, kids.

Realizing the car is mostly disabled at that point, the driver pulls over and that’s the end of the chase.

Image via State Boyzzz/YouTube

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