Rejoice in the Dusty Chaos of Drag Racing on Dirt

hayfield shootout 2023
Rejoice in the Dusty Chaos of Drag Racing on DirtDuneTV

It doesn't get simpler than this: a dirt straightaway, a summer day, and two almighty snorting dragsters lined up side-by-side. It's a scene straight from an Alan Jackson video, or maybe something you'd dream up after chasing the bottom of a whiskey bottle for a night, but mostly it looks like good clean American fun.

How the YouTube algorithm kicked The Hayfield Shootout our way, we may never know (87 views and counting!). But these folks apparently hold the event annually, which brings "local and regional talent to a meticulously maintained facility located in Williamsburg, Michigan." You can check the event's Facebook landing page here.


There's little to the video besides hi-test hot rods kicking up mile-high rooster tails, but... what more could you ask for from a workday diversion?

While there are plenty of more-traditional tube-frame dragsters lined up on the course, my taste gravitates to the full-size pickups eviscerating the earth (freeze the video at 21 seconds to catch the flame-spitting Chevy). Fear not the news of grassroots motorsports' demise, for all we need is a field, some sand and/or dirt, and a batch of V-8-powered chariots to keep the flame burning.

We aim a salute in the general direction of Northern Michigan; keep on racing, and keep on filming.

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