Rental McLaren 720S Spider Crashes In California

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There’s a lesson to be learned from this…

Many are tempted to live out their fantasies by renting something like a McLaren 720S Spider. It’s understandable why, but one person who did just that and then got a little too liberal with the throttle is now living to regret the decision. This incident, which took place in California on the US-101 on February 22 should act as a warning to anyone to wants to live the fantasy and drive an exotic supercar.

Watch a guy crash a rental Ferrari 812 Superfast here.

A tweet from the CHP Central LA account shows three pictures of the crash and explains not only is it a rental, but the person who rented it didn’t opt for the rental insurance. Big mistake, obviously, but hindsight is always 20/20. With serious damage to the front and rear fascias, one wheel and axle pulled clean off, and it looks like some damage to the other wheel on that side as well as down the side of the British supercar, the repair cost is going to add up quick.

photo credit: Twitter
photo credit: Twitter

According to the same tweet from the CHP Central LA account, the rental McLaren 720S Spider was racing a Lamborghini on the 101. We can see the Lambo partly in one photo looks like a Huracan Spyder. Thankfully, the Italian supercar doesn’t appear to be damaged. We’re guessing it’s a rental as well and it probably doesn’t have the insurance added.

photo credit: Twitter
photo credit: Twitter

The lesson here is simple, yet it escapes even those who invest serious money in these supercars, only to crash them immediately after taking delivery. A relatively lightweight, high-powered, rear-wheel-drive car can be a handful for someone lacking experience. Many guys don’t want to admit they don’t know how to handle such a machine because that would be a blow to their ego. A worse blow is crashing the supercar and having to pay the high cost of repairs, but shortsightedness seems to be their downfall. Just learn from these stupid mistakes and don’t do the same thing if you ever find yourself in this position.

Also, if you want to race go to the track. Just be sure to get the track insurance coverage.

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