Repeat Offender Crashes BMW And Dies

Repeat Offender Crashes BMW And Dies
Repeat Offender Crashes BMW And Dies

We’re pretty sure the Bimmer wasn’t his.

A repeat offender in Atlanta, Georgia has died after yet another crime spree. While speeding through a West End neighborhood at 4 am on August 19, Charles McDaniel slammed his BMW into a parked car, sending his vehicle flying into a tree. While people came out of their homes to help, it was too late.

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As a convicted felon with an extensive rap sheet, 25-year-old Charles McDaniel was no stranger to law enforcement in Metro Atlanta, reports WSB-TV. He also was a documented gang member and committed all kinds of crimes in the area, often serving little time behind bars.


According to police, a few hours before the fatal accident, McDaniel and another suspect broke into multiple cars in a parking garage located in west Midtown. The pair literally smashed windows, stealing wallets, purses, electronics, and even a gun from the vehicles. Police were on the lookout for the suspects, which they believe is why the pair went to West End.

We keep trying to spread the message that a lot of car thieves and even people who burglarize items out of parked cars are in fact hardened criminals, if not on their way to becoming one. McDaniel and his brother Isaac, for example, pled guilty to murdering a man back in 2017. WSB-TV says the pair were sentenced to 45 years and were supposed to spend 18 years in prison. Obviously they didn’t and it’s not entirely clear why the parole board decided letting them out so soon was a good idea.

Considering before the guilty plea for murder, the two McDaniel brothers had over 100 interactions with law enforcement, one has to wonder how much damage was done to the public by not keeping them incarcerated. Among the crimes committed since were brazen car thefts, so they seem to have not learned their lesson.

Even worse, Charles McDaniel was accused of brutally attacking the mother of his child and had an active warrant for his arrest. Sadly, many car thieves are violent which is why we urge anyone who tries to stop a theft in progress to take abundant precautions.