Report Highlights Construction Machine Theft Problem In Seattle

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Report Highlights Construction Machine Theft Problem In Seattle
Report Highlights Construction Machine Theft Problem In Seattle

These days it seems like in some cities like Seattle, if something isn’t literally bolted down thieves will just take it. And for the stuff that is bolted down, they’ll steal construction machines like a front loader or bulldozer to rip it up by force. A recent report out of Seattle shines a light on thefts plaguing construction companies there.

Suspect steals fire truck, leads police on a chase.

As shown by Fox 13 Seattle in the video report we’ve included, in a recent incident some thieves swiped a large forklift from a construction site. They weren’t looking to part the machine out or keep it for themselves. Instead, they hotwired the machine to try cracking open an ATM.


When that didn’t work, they ditched the forklift in a store parking lot. It had been damaged from the theft, something the contractor who owns it says happens all the time at every construction site he works around the area.

In fact, he says he just factors damage from theft into the cost of doing business in Seattle. The man claims if he tried leaning on his insurance for anything but the biggest claims, he would lose coverage immediately.

We’ve seen other incidents of people stealing construction equipment to pull off heists or even just to wreak havoc in a neighborhood. With the powerful machines meant to help build, in the wrong hands they can inflict major destruction.

If these types of crimes keep up, we wonder if manufacturers will beef up security on construction equipment. If so, that could lead to increased costs, putting pressure on contractors who are already getting squeezed by theft. And there’s no guarantee the security measures would in fact stop thieves.

There’s only so much private citizens can do themselves when theft rages out of control where they live. The best deterrent for this sort of thing is a criminal justice system which doesn’t treat theft lightly.

Image via Fox 13 Seattle/YouTube