How to get the Resident Evil 4 Remake wrench

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 Resident Evil 4 wrench remake
Resident Evil 4 wrench remake

The Resident Evil 4 wrench in the Remake is needed to take the grill off the Override Terminal for level 3 security card clearance. However, it's not clear where a wrench can be found in RE4, and with the floppy Regenerador monsters prowling the labs, it's a dangerous place to go searching with no starting point, even if you have worked out how to kill them. We'll explain the location of the wrench in Resident Evil 4, and what you'll need to do to get it.

Resident Evil 4 Remake wrench location

Resident Evil 4 wrench remake
Resident Evil 4 wrench remake

The wrench in Resident Evil 4 Remake is found inside the stomach of one of the Regeneradors in the incubation tanks just South of the locked Override Terminal you need the wrench for.

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To get the wrench, you need to kill the Regenerador. In the same room as the locked Override Terminal is a Biosensor Scope, an attachment that can be put onto compatible Resident Evil 4 Remake weapons, like the Rifle, Stingray, or LE 5 (the latter of which is found just upstairs, if you use our guide to grab it).

With the Biosensor Scope, you'll be able to see X-Ray views of enemies. Scout the sleeping Regeneradors in the Incubation Lab, and you'll be able to see the Wrench inside one of them. Shoot it with your Biosensor Scoped weapon in any of the glowing parasites you can see inside it - these are weak points, but shooting it will also wake it up. Destroy all the parasites to kill the Regenerador, and you'll be able to take the wrench off its remains.

Resident Evil 4 wrench remake
Resident Evil 4 wrench remake

You can repeat this process on any Regenerador, and those that don't drop the wrench tend to drop rewards - usually gemstones that can be inlayed into treasures. Be careful though, they're deadly brutes in any situation, and missing the parasites doesn't do any damage to them.

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