Resident Evil 4 remake's Mercenaries mode launches in April

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 resident evil 4 review
resident evil 4 review

Resident Evil 4 remake's Mercenaries mode is arriving on April 7 as free DLC.

Earlier today on March 24, Capcom put out the launch trailer for Resident Evil 4 remake, which you can catch just below. Somewhat buried in the trailer near the end is the reveal that the anticipated Mercenaries mode will be arriving a few weeks after launch on April 7, entirely for free.

If you're unfamiliar with The Mercenaries, it was a mode bundled in with the original Resident Evil 4, as the franchise's first extra DLC mode. It's basically a time-attack mode in which Leon and allies plough through hordes of enemies with various weaponry and other variable in the quickest time possible. If you've worked out how to survive the village at the start of Resident Evil 4, it's basically that with rewards.

The Mercenaries has reared its head in more modern Resident Evil games before now. It actually returns in Resident Evil Village, where it allowed characters like Ethan, Lady Dimitrescu, and Heisenberg to rip through hordes of werewolves and other creatures with special abilities and Resident Evil 4 weapons.

In Resident Evil 4 remake, The Mercenaries is going back to where it all started. The Mercenaries has always been one of the quietly popular things about the Resident Evil franchise at large, hence why Capcom has repeatedly brought it back in successive games.

Right now though, we don't know which characters outside of Leon S. Kennedy will be playable in the new mode when it launches. If you're thinking about picking up the new horror remake from Capcom, you can check out our glowing Resident Evil 4 remake review for what we made of the whole saga.

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