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We cover everything you need to know about Michigan Farm Bureau auto insurance.

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The farming and agricultural community is a major force in Michigan’s economy and culture. As the largest general farm organization in the state, we found that Michigan Farm Bureau Insurance is a strong regional option for auto needs. The company offers coverage for cars, businesses, crops, farms, and even larger categories like life, homes, and retirement.

Despite its smaller-than-average operation, we were impressed with Michigan Farm Bureau Insurance’s consistent ratings, positive reviews, and extensive coverage. If you are a Michigan resident – whether you’re a part of the farming community or not – this could be a dependable option for you.

We recently reviewed 30 of the top car insurance companies in the nation, ranking them on coverage, availability, discounts, industry reputation, and customer experience. How does Michigan Farm Bureau stack up to the bigger companies? Let’s go through everything you need to know about Farm Bureau Insurance in Michigan.

As always, we recommend getting quotes from several car insurance companies and comparing coverage before making a final decision.

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  • Quotes And Claims Processes

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  • Apps And Technology

  • Our Verdict For Farm Bureau Insurance In Michigan

  • Recommendations For Car Insurance In 2020

About Farm Bureau Insurance In Michigan

Michigan Farm Bureau Insurance is a part of the American Farm Bureau Federation network of organizations. Michigan’s branch only provides services and support to those living and working in Michigan, so it naturally has a smaller client pool than other major car insurance players in the field.

Here are some quick facts about the company:

  • It has 450 local agents around Michigan.

  • It was founded in 1949 by Michigan farmers seeking local representation.

  • All of its insurance plans cover nearly 500,000 customers.

You can feel confident about the financial health of Farm Bureau insurance in Michigan. In 2017, AM Best – one of the most trusted financial strength rating companies – upgraded Farm Bureau Insurance Company of Michigan from a B++ to an A-. The company is also accredited by the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and received an A+ rating.

Even individual locations throughout Michigan receive an above-average number of positive reviews. When Farm Bureau falls short, comments address confusion with the claims process, understanding contracts, and a few negative customer service interactions.

When we analyzed company policies and reviews, a few things stood out to us about coverage with Michigan Farm Bureau Insurance:

  • Great company for regional knowledge and involvement

  • Extensive list of coverages for both individuals and businesses

  • No mobile app but claims can be submitted through the FB Express web app

  • Fewer discount opportunities than other companies

  • Offers roadside assistance

Representing Michigan

We found Farm Bureau Insurance of Michigan to be a great choice for those with local and state pride. For one, Farm Bureau arranges and participates in a range of local philanthropy projects, specifically for educational communities in need.

The agents also have an in-depth understanding of Michigan auto insurance laws. These can be a little complex since Michigan is a no-fault state.

Michigan Farm Bureau Insurance Coverage

Michigan Farm Bureau offers auto insurance for individuals, businesses, and specialty vehicles. This may include insurance to protect your classic or antique car or vehicles like mobile homes, motorcycles, and RVs. In terms of automobile insurance, Michigan Farm Bureau Insurance covers all the mandatory requirements in the state, which include:

  • Bodily injury liability (BI)

  • Property damage liability (PD)

  • Personal injury protection (PIP)

You have the option to add extra coverages to your plan. We recommend speaking to an agent about coverage above the state minimum, as the minimum may not be enough for serious accidents.

  • Limited Property Damage Liability: This covers mini-tort claims specific to Michigan. Even though Michigan is a no-fault state, the driver who can prove they are less than 50 percent at fault can take you to court. If proven true in court, the victim can receive up to $1,000 to cover damages not insured by their own agency.

  • Comprehensive Coverage: This covers damage from most weather-related events, theft, and vandalism, often with a deductible.

  • Limited, Regular, or Broadened Collision Protection: Collision covers you when you hit another vehicle or object such as a tree or fence. Michigan Farm Bureau Insurance offers three levels of coverage.

  • Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist: This covers you when the other driver is at fault and doesn’t have enough or any insurance.

  • Emergency Road Service: With Farm Bureau Insurance in Michigan, you can get roadside assistance for tire changes, towing, battery jumps, fueling services, fluid delivery, or lockout assistance.

  • Rental Car Reimbursement: This covers up to $30 a day for up to 30 days if your car is unusable and getting repaired for an approved claim.

  • Travel Interruption: This covers transportation, lodging, and meals up to $600 for a collision or comprehensive claim when you’re more than 100 miles from home.

  • Replacement Cost: Depending on the nature of the claim, you can get your totaled vehicle replaced by a new vehicle of the same make and model.

Michigan Farm Bureau Insurance Cost And Discounts

Everyone’s car insurance quotes vary based on factors like driving record; car make, model, and year; credit history; age; and where you live. Unfortunately, Michigan has some of the higher annual premiums in the country, averaging out at $1,270.70 in 2016, according to the Insurance Information Institute.

Michigan Farm Bureau Insurance has a variety of ways to pay for your policy, including:

  • Monthly electronic funds transfer (EFT)

  • Traditional monthly payments

  • Quarterly payments

  • Semi-annual payments

  • Full payments for annual contracts

You can lower your monthly costs for Michigan Farm Bureau Insurance if you qualify for any of the company’s discount opportunities.




Discounted rates for annual payments or payments made via EFT


Lower rates when you insure multiple vehicles

Safe Drivers

Discount for accident- and violation-free driving

Vehicle Safety Features

Discount for features like anti-lock brakes, anti-theft devices, and air bags


Bundle with other Farm Bureau Insurance policies for reduced rates

If you have a policy with Farm Bureau Insurance in Michigan, you receive a range of discounts in the community. These discounts can include:

  • Propane

  • Golf

  • Hotels

  • Car rentals

  • Zoos

  • Health, dental, and eye care

Quotes And Claims Processes

Get a quote directly from Michigan Farm Bureau Insurance in one of two ways:

  1. Enter your information online.

  2. Locate a local agent on the Farm Bureau website to request a quote or call for more information.

The quotes process is similar to what you will find with other major insurance providers, however we did find it difficult to locate the quote form on the website. We recommend using this easy quote form to see the best rates for your specific situation:

That being said, for a smaller company, we were impressed by the online claims setup for Farm Bureau Insurance in Michigan. J.D. Power rated the claims process as Better Than Most in its 2019 U.S. Auto Insurance Study.

You can submit a claim online or call. You can also login to your account to check the status of your claim if you’re waiting for a response. If an accident occurs during traditional business hours, you can also call your local agent for assistance.

Farm Bureau Insurance Customer Reviews

Online reviews for insurance companies are often negative all around since happy customers are less likely to report a positive experience online. It’s important to keep this in mind when looking at star ratings and customer feedback. That being said, you can gain great insight from hearing first-hand experiences from those who use Farm Bureau Insurance in Michigan.

The BBB reported 10 complaints for Michigan Farm Bureau in the past 3 years, 5 of which have been resolved in the past year. It’s important to note that these reviews discuss all of the company’s insurance offerings, not just car insurance.

Two customers reported complications with auto-withdrawal of their monthly premiums, typically resulting from a miscommunication or clerical error. Another customer had a lengthy exchange with representatives regarding billing complications and long waits on hold.

On a lighter note, two reviewers on Google reported having positive experiences as Michigan Farm Bureau Insurance customers and later went on to work for the company. Individual locations have glowing reviews about local agents, like the following:

“Kyle and his team were very easy to work with and took a lot of the stress off me. They were quick to answer any questions that I had, and were very friendly.”

-Jerica W., DeWitt Township, MI

“I cannot say enough about the staff here. They are super helpful. They are just what you need when you have insurance questions or a claim. There is a reason I will go [nowhere] else!”

-Russell F., Portland, MI

Apps And Technology

Even though Farm Bureau Insurance in Michigan does not offer a mobile app for auto insurance, it does have an impressive website for a company of this size. You can take the following actions online:

  • Request a quote

  • Report a claim

  • Find a preferred repair facility

  • Check your claim status

  • Chat directly with an associate

  • Pay your bill

Our Verdict For Farm Bureau Insurance In Michigan

If you’re a Michigan resident looking for a local company, we give the green light on Michigan Farm Bureau Insurance. The provider offers extensive coverage and has mostly positive reviews regarding the customer experience.

To start comparing car insurance quotes in Michigan, fill out the form below:

Recommendations For Car Insurance In 2020

We recently researched the top car insurance companies in the country, sorting through prices, coverage, customer reviews, and industry ratings. Two companies, MetLife and USAA, really stood to our team as having the best car insurance in Michigan. Here’s a quick rundown of both.

MetLife Auto Insurance

MetLife is one of the largest insurance agencies in the world and can be trusted for its financial stability and low number of customer complaints. It is an affordable option in Michigan, even in some of the more densely populated cities. In addition to standard coverage, you can get the following with MetLife:

  • Replacement cost coverage for major parts

  • New car replacement coverage

  • Custom sound equipment coverage

  • Glass repairs without deductibles

  • Rental car insurance

  • Rental car reimbursement

  • Towing and roadside assistance

  • Gap insurance

We always recommend getting quotes from a few providers so you can compare coverage and cost to make sure you’re getting the best deal.

USAA Auto Insurance

If you or an immediate family serve or have served in the armed forces, you could be eligible for USAA auto insurance. USAA is the only company that received a 5.0-star rating in our 2020 review. The company’s extensive coverage can be purchased at an affordable rate, especially when utilizing discounts. Along with standard coverage, you can get:

  • Roadside assistance

  • Rental reimbursement

  • Accident forgiveness

  • Glass coverage

  • Gap insurance

  • Car replacement assistance

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