Revived Ford Capri EV Leaks Before Reveal, and Yep, It’s a Crossover Now

Composition of Ford Capri EV teasers with an old Capri three-quarter image superimposed.
Composition of Ford Capri EV teasers with an old Capri three-quarter image superimposed.

Ford is continuing its soul-searching journey back to small cars for the sake of profitable EVs, and the automaker is slated to debut the electric revival of the Ford Capri on Wednesday. Last week, Ford published a teaser on X showing a man trying to plug in a vintage Capri at a charging station. The confused man drives off after realizing he can’t charge the old combustion-powered Capri, and a message saying “The legend is back 10.07.24” is revealed. Today, we have an idea of how Ford’s modern interpretation of the Capri is likely to look, and let’s just say that if you’re still against the Mach-E wearing a Mustang badge, you’d best look away.

This isn’t unexpected, however. Rumors of the Capri’s crossover reincarnation have been swirling ever since Autocar and Automotive News Europe reported on an upcoming Ford EV due to become the second model built on Volkswagen’s MEB platform. Ford released an all-electric Explorer for markets abroad this year, based on the VW ID.4 and produced at Ford’s Cologne Electric Vehicle Center in Germany. Just like the Explorer EV has little in common with its American, ICE-powered counterpart, the alleged Capri EV bears virtually no resemblance to its namesake, as an allegedly leaked photo posted on Instagram by Car Design World on Tuesday and earlier spy shots from Autocar show.


The first Ford Capri was a fastback coupe conceived of as the European spin on the Ford Mustang, or so the story goes. The Capri would go on to be made for three generations, selling from 1969 through 1989. The highly successful model even made it to the States, where it was sold as the Mercury Capri. It was made in Europe but exported to North America, Australia, and South Africa, among other markets. Ford’s tweet from last week highlights one of these vintage Capris—a practical, compact, and impossibly low-slung car judging by today’s auto market standards.

The legend is back.


— Ford News Europe (@FordNewsEurope) July 7, 2024

The Capri’s revival will introduce a four-door crossover with a low-slung roofline, which carmakers love to refer to as “coupe” SUVs for some reason. The new Capri figures to be identical to the Explorer EV in terms of its VW-sourced electrified drivetrain, per Autocar, meaning it’ll top out at 330 horsepower and a peak range of 374 miles, thanks to an available 77-kWh battery pack. It’ll support charging speeds of up to 170 kW.

The new Capri strikes a silhouette not unlike that of the VW ID.5, a model Volkswagen doesn’t offer in the States. Visually, it’s a far cry from the wedge-like coupe from which it derives its name. When Ford’s Chief Designer for the European market, Amko Leenarts, discussed the possible revival with Autocar, he said that “retro designs aren’t moving us forward,” and Ford’s more inspired by “totally new interpretation.” Still, a midsize crossover wearing the badge of a beloved classic coupe is not what most of us have in mind when yearning for a return to small, fun cars. If Ford truly doesn’t want to remain limited by the past, why not just give this new “coupe” SUV a totally new name?

A Mk1 Ford Capri (1969 to ’72). <em>Ford</em>
A Mk1 Ford Capri (1969 to ’72). Ford