Rich Guy Loves His Bentley A Lot

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He wanted all his toys to look like it…

The thing poor people don’t understand is how difficult it is being rich. After all, when you buy a new Bentley Bacalar and add all kinds of bespoke details to it, you’ll also have to customize your private jet and helicopter to match. It’s truly a burden carrying such a responsibility, something we and you will never completely grasp. That’s why we share the burden of this guy who was profiled by Bentley.

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In case you aren’t aware, owning a Bentley Bacalar is a solemn responsibility, a duty toward humanity. A mere 12 have been made and each one is a testament to the triumphant nature of humanity. The specimen in question was painted Julep, a bespoke color which the owner just adores, meaning he just had to have the same color stripes applied to his Gulfstream G650. The struggle is real.