Rimac Celebrates 15th Anniversary with Copper-Colored Nevera

rimac nevera 15th anniversary edition
Copper Rimac Nevera Celebrates 15th AnniversaryRimac
  • This copper Rimac Nevera celebrates 15 years since Mate Rimac started the electric performance-car company.

  • The exterior combines copper paint with exposed carbon fiber and a decal that is meant to look like a circuit board.

  • Production will be limited to just nine examples, and each will cost more than $2.5 million.

In recent years, the name Rimac has become renowned for innovative high-performance electric powertrains. The Croatian automaker burst into the spotlight with the Nevera and a high-profile merger with Bugatti, while also providing the sleek Pininfarina Battista's powertrain and attracting investment from Porsche and Hyundai. But founder Mate Rimac actually started his eponymous company way back in 2009. To celebrate the brand's 15th anniversary, Rimac has created a special edition Nevera with a snazzy copper theme.

rimac nevera 15th anniversary edition

The Rimac Nevera 15th Anniversary Edition will make its in-person debut at the Goodwood Festival of Speed later this week. Production of the car will be limited to just nine units. For the first time, the Nevera is rocking matte paint, with the top half coated in copper and the lower section finished in bare carbon fiber. Rimac says it chose the copper hue due to its association with "times of celebration" as well as its "connection energy," since the metal is found in electrical cables.


The two-tone look extends to the alloy wheels, which feature six spokes in copper and three in black. The special edition also wears 15th Anniversary badges on the front fender, while a decal that is supposed to emulate a circuit board runs from the hood to the rear wing.

rimac nevera 15th anniversary edition

The copper theme is also found inside, with the hue adorning the anodized switchgear and the door trim. The cabin can be specced in black or white, but either way the seats will have contrasting copper leather, copper stitching, and the number 15 embossed in the headrests. The armrest, meanwhile, bears a special printing that includes the years 2009 and 2024 and marks the car as one of nine "designed, engineered, and manufactured in Croatia."

All told, the Nevera 15th Anniversary Edition costs the equivalent of $2.5 million at current exchange rates and comes with a set of custom luggage made to match the Nevera's cabin. The special edition will take on the famous Goodwood hill-climb this weekend, and the example that will drive up the winding course will be the first of the nine customer cars.

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