The Rimac Nevera Is Perfect For Driving In Washington, D.C.

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The Rimac Nevera Is Perfect For Driving In Washington, D.C.  
The Rimac Nevera Is Perfect For Driving In Washington, D.C.

People are rightfully simultaneously amused and amazed at the Rimac Nevera setting a rather interesting Guinness World Record by driving in reverse faster than any other production car. That’s right, the all-electric hypercar blasted down a paved surface at a scorching 171.34 mph backwards.

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While some people think this is a meaningless and therefore stupid record to set, we see things quite differently. Sure, you probably won’t ever go anywhere near 170 mph in a real-world setting, using a forward or reverse gear. But that kind of backwards speed could prove very useful, even life-saving while driving in Washington, D.C. as well as Philadelphia, Memphis, Chicago, Oakland, and plenty of other US cities as well as abroad.

Just think about it: you’re sitting at a traffic light and it turns green, but the car in front of you doesn’t move. Instead, two kids in hoodies and ski masks get out, brandishing Glock 19s with extended magazines while yelling at you to get out of your vehicle. It’s a carjacking and not only will they take your ride, these ambitious young teens might also shoot you just because.


In a regular car you could throw the transmission in reverse and hope the hail of poorly aimed bullets don’t penetrate the cabin and subsequently your body. But in a Rimac Nevera you can reverse out of there before those kids even know what’s going on.

We think Rimac is missing out on a huge marketing opportunity by not focusing on this unique characteristic of the Nevera and how it could play out in modern, crime-riddled cities. That alone could get the ultra-wealthy lining up around the block to buy one. Hell, throw in some bulletproof glass and we think this thing will become the next “it” vehicle for the elite.

Just think about it: the commercials would be lit as an actor reverses out of an attempted armed carjacking at a pace that practically causes everything to go blurry. Put Vin Diesel in the driver’s seat and you’re really cooking. Come on, Rimac, be bold and go for this genius idea, we won’t even ask for royalties for using our idea.

Images via Rimac