Road & Track's Road to Revival Tours England's Motoring Highlights

road to revival
Road to Revival Tours England's Motoring BestRichard Pardon

The history of the performance car is tied closely to England. From MGs and Austin Healeys that popularized the lightweight, democratized sports cars, to Aston Martins and Jaguars that married luxury, craftsmanship, and speed, the English auto industry is responsible for so many of the trends that have defined enthusiast cars over the decades. With eight of the ten current Formula 1 teams also based in the country, that advancement continues to the most high-tech performance cars you can buy today. On Road & Track's upcoming Road to Revival, you can tour them all.

The week-long journey is highlighted by visits to private collections, landmarks of British performance, and four different manufacturers that are continuing to advance the industry today. Those modern carmakers highlight the future, from McLaren's cutting-edge supercars to the techniques that keep the classic sports car alive at Morgan. At Silverstone, we will see that performance in action on a track that has hosted Formula 1 since its first-ever world championship event back in 1950.

All that automotive history comes to life at the Goodwood Revival, a world-famous throwback to the golden age of auto racing. Goodwood is all about putting those great racing cars of the past through their paces on track, so expect to see legends go all out as they use these machines as they were designed to be used.

The seven-day trip starts in September, but registration is open now. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us at

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