2014 Rolls-Royce Ghost

Up to 13 MPG city / 21 MPG hwy
$263,200 - $303,300

The Ghost is a big-blocked ultra-luxury sedan that's supremely styled, astonishingly plush, and unaffordable to all but the extremely wealthy. Rolls introduced it in 2010 as a "driver's car," a slightly less ostentatious alternative to its funeral Phantom model. The Ghost has changed little since then, not that it really needs much changing. It's got more horsepower than a Maserati, more amenities than a Bentley, and more leather than an S&M club. Contemporary Rolls models include optional amenities like a pop-out umbrella and crystal champagne flutes that appear above the rear seat divider, as well as deep-welled lamb's-wool carpets. For 2013, Rolls introduced a "One Thousand And One Nights" edition of the Ghost, available only to customers in the Middle East, which gives some indication as to where, outside Hollywood, that they're aiming this masterpiece. The Ghost exists to be driven by the young sheik on the make. See more... See Less

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