2014 Rolls-Royce Phantom

Up to 11 MPG city / 19 MPG hwy
$402,940 - $474,990

You have to admire the Phantom, even though it's as practical as a top hat. The quintessential Rolls-Royce, it defines automotive luxury, almost to a fault. With a classic waterfall grille and a bulging "Spirit Of Ecstasy" hood ornament, it deliberately calls to mind the spirit of 1920s excess, a time that marked the Rolls brand's heyday. At 20 feet long, bearing 6,000 pounds of reinforced steel, it's essentially the only car on the market (except for maybe the Bentley Mulsanne) that's made exclusively to be driven by a chauffeur. It's got a 12-cylinder engine that offers plenty of power, and is maneuverable enough; if the Phantom were a boat, it would be the sleekest on the market. As a car, it lumbers. But if you want to really experience the Phantom, you have to sit in the backseat, a palatial spread of plush wool carpeting, "starlight headliner" ceiling ornaments, and enough leather accents to line a king's coffin. See more... See Less

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