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PALM BEACH, FL / ACCESSWIRE / June 1, 2021 / Quietly nestled on a little slice of land off Florida's beautiful eastern shoreline, the Town of Manalapan is a quaint and charming beach community. This thinly populated settlement was united in 1931 by Commodore Vanderbilt with the granting of a charter for the "Town of Manalapan." Thought to be named after the North Eastern township of Manalapan, the town's name means "Good Bread."

This attractive little township is determined to follow the vision of its founders, who conceived Manalapan as a natural environment with a small population and elegant homes. Manalapan is known best known for its exceptional levels of service, precise development, and conservative approach to government. Essentially zero crime occurs in this area annually. Geographically, Manalapan is exceptional because the town is primarily water. Manalapan has a total area of just two and half square miles, with less than a half-mile being actual land.

If you've had the opportunity to drive through Manalapan recently, you might have seen one of RWB Construction Management's new building signs. Robert Burrage and his team are currently constructing over one hundred thousand square feet of new luxury estates on the island. It is not surprising, as RWB Construction Management's core values align closely with the vision of this beautiful beachside community.

RWB Construction Management is well known throughout Manalapan for their ability to globally oversee projects from origin to completion; removing any waste from this process, while maintaining the speed, accuracy, and quality this community expects and deserves. Robert Burrage's team also strives to meet their client's design intent and desired style, while offering coaching towards decisions that bring value to the overall estate investment. RWB Construction has gained experience and knowledge about the community of Manalapan by building several luxury residential estates on the island.

From conception to conclusion, to full-service maintenance and beyond, the RWB Construction Management firm is a "one-stop-shop" for clients.RWB Construction Management prides itself on being one of the few general contractors at the high-end construction level that continue nurturing their client relationships long after projects are complete. Their team builds beautiful homes for an elite group of clients, aligning closely with the goals and principles set up by the founders of Manalapan.


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