Ryan Tuerck's V-10-Powered Toyota Supra Sounds Absolutely Ridiculous

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Photo credit: RyanTuerck - YouTube
Photo credit: RyanTuerck - YouTube

Pro-drifter Ryan Tuerck is known for some truly wild builds. His crown jewel, the Toyota GT4586, is a Toyota 86 with the engine from a Ferrari 458 Italia, and it rips. His latest project, a Toyota Supra with a Formula 1-inspired Judd V-10 engine, might be cooler, though.

Tuerck has been working on this Supra since 2020, showing off a dyno run of the engine before putting it in the car. Judd is famous for building the very same V-10 engines to appear in the V-10 era of Formula 1, known to many as the best-sounding years of the sport.

The pro-drifter was finally able to get his time attack-prepared Supra out on track earlier this month at Gridlife's Midwest Festival at Gingerman Raceway. Though the aerodynamics weren't working properly and the brakes were giving Tuerck some trouble, he still managed to lay down some laps over the weekend. And the fly-bys were jaw-dropping.

Even through computer speakers, the sound is addictive. Close your eyes and you'd think you were listening to Fernando Alonso wheel his Renault down the straight at Monaco. This specific Judd V-10 can rev to 11,000 rpm, and sends power to the rear wheels via a lever-actuated sequential transmission.

Once Tuerck irons out the rough edges, we're sure this Supra will be fighting for wins in its class. And it'll continue to sound great doing it.

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