70-Year-Old Grandma Drives a Porsche 918 Daily

Jeff Perez

Porsche 918 Grandma

Would you believe that a 70-year-old woman is driving around a Porsche 918 every day? Well you should, because that’s what’s happening in the sleepy, affluent neighborhood of Marco Island, Florida.

The story comes from Reddit, where one user says that the woman lives in their building where they see the car daily. Her husband — a former race car driver — purchased the car before he passed, where it was then left to his wife.

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Porsche 918 Grandma 2

She’s often seen scooting around the island, and thanks to the photo evidence seen here, in the outer-lying city of Naples. Probably on her way to tennis with the girls.

Even more hilariously, the license plate reads “IT BITES.” That’s one awesome old lady.

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Photo Credit: Flickr/Izaac Brook


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