Conor McGregor Just Spent $450K on Two New Cars

Conor McGregor Mercedes

Looks like training for the big fight includes spending some serious cash on new cars. UFC star Conor McGregor will be fighting Jose Aldo next month and in his down time from training for the big day, he dropped $450K on two new cars.

He chose a BMW i8, which runs about $321K, and a Mercedes S-Class, which runs an additional $148K. That’s a large chunk of change. Possibly he’s celebrating in advance for what he expects will be a big win against Aldo.

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Conor McGregor

McGregor already had one big win over Chad Mendes in Las Vegas back in July and he will be heading right back out there next month to fight Aldo. According to Mirror, He was supposed to fight Aldo in July but ended up facing Mendes when Aldo cancelled due to an injury.

McGregor seems ready for the fight, talking smack about how he’d easily be able to take down someone like Floyd Mayweather. He’s got quite an attitude, which is good for an athlete, but overconfidence has taken down more than a few fighters that were seen as unbeatable. Ronda Rousey might have a little advice he should take.

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Conor McGregor BMW i8

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