Henrik Fisker Wants to Build His Own Cars Again

Jonathon Klein


A few years ago, Henrik Fisker, one of the world’s most influential automotive designers, decided he wanted to try his hand at building his own car. Through several setbacks, including the recall of its all-too-important battery pack, the hybrid Fisker Karma wasn’t the hit the designer envisioned, although it still remains one of the prettiest cars in the last few decades. In the end, the company went bankrupt and Fisker left to get back into the world of design.

He then collaborated with Galpin Auto Sports to design the Galpin Fisker Rocket on the new Mustang chassis, as well as the Fisker Thunderbolt, which used an Aston Martin Vanquish. Now, Henrik Fisker has stated he might want to get back into the world of automotive production.

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Galpin-Fisker Mustang Rocket

According to USA Today, speaking this past weekend at Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance, Fisker stated, “I’m looking into starting a new company. There’s a whole new group of young people ready for the next thing.” While that’s as specific as Fisker went, it seems that the whole fiasco with the bankruptcy of his namesake company hasn’t left him scarred.

Interpreting his statements a bit, it seems that Fisker wants to shy away from his past in designing things for the rich, and aim for a much more youthful market that may not have all the money in the world. The Karma never became the sales success that Fisker had hoped, but represented one of the first players in eco-savvy cars for premium buyers. It showed what Henrik Fisker could do if given the right set of tools.

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As well as giving the statements above, Fisker and Galpin unveiled the partnership’s newest collaboration, the Fisker Rocket Speedster at the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance. This drop-top Rocket is wholly new, with only the chassis and engine from the original Rocket remaining. The Rocket Speedster concept uses new body panels and a trick deck lid that transforms the 2+2 convertible into a true two-seat sports car. It also shows off the design talent that Fisker still possesses.

Maybe Fisker will build a youth oriented hot hatchback? Maybe he’ll build some type of autonomous car? Hopefully, his idea will become reality in the near future, because if the Rocket, Speedster, Thunderbolt, or Karma are any indication of what to expect, it’s sure to be drop-dead gorgeous.

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Photo Credit: MotorTrend