Here’s a Look at the Ferrari SUV That Almost Was


The FF is one of the only Ferrari’s ever to come out of the storied Modena factory that was met with controversy. And by controversy, I mean, fans were quick to hate on the all-wheel drive wagon.

The Ferrari FF, when it debuted, seemed to signal to Ferrari purists that the sweater-laden hands of Sergio Marchionne and Fiat were getting too involved with the iconic brand’s identity. But could you imagine if the FF was a lot less wagon and a lot more SUV? It almost was.

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Recently, a series of photos from the Italian Corriere della Sera surfaced online showing a finished Ferrari FF, and what the Ferrari FF could have been. As you can see, one of the original designs did resemble a crossover more than the lovely shooting brake sportscar we ended up with. This particular prototype is now in the hands of a private collector, but it stands as a testament to what Ferrari could have brought out when debuting the Ferrari FF.

Thankfully, we never got this. But it does make you wonder: would a Ferrari crossover actually gone over well with the public? Would it have really destroyed the brand’s identity? There are so many different possibilities that could have happened, but luckily we got the absurdly powerful, naturally-aspirated V12 power of the Ferrari FF. Let’s just hope we don’t see this surfacing again anytime soon.

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