This ‘Mad Max: Fury Road’ LEGO Set is Adorably Homicidal

By now, I hope most of you have seen the new movie Mad Max: Fury Road. We reviewed it right when it came out, and it was definitely one of our favorite movies in the last few years. Between the epic car chases, and the absurd amount of explosions, the new Mad Max film was a wonderful treat.

But even though the movie has big name actors like Charlize Theron and Tom Hardy, they play second fiddle to the entire cast of cars, trucks, and the wayward tank hybrid things. The vehicles have become so popular, in fact, that one intrepid fan decided they needed to immortalize them in the best medium thinkable: LEGOs.

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That’s right, everyone’s favorite childhood hobby is now the scene for a post apocalyptic thriller. LEGO Will, as he calls himself, built Max’s Interceptor, the Model T, some of the War Boy’s War Chariots, the spiky car that the Buzzers had, a car that has those awesome poles on it, Imortan Joe’s dual Cadillac, the insane Doof Wagon, and Theron’s War Rig semi.

Unfortunately, these aren’t for sale at any LEGO store at the moment. But these lovely little creations not only speak to the child in all of us, but just goes to show just how good this movie is. If you haven’t seen Mad Max: Fury Road yet— seriously, what the heck are you waiting for?

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