Saudi King Salman Balls Harder Than Any Baller Out There

When you have “King” in your title, and a net worth of around $20 billion, you can roll around like a baller whenever, and wherever you like. It also doesn’t hurt to control vast oil fields that supply much of the rest of the world with the life-blood that sustains their economies.

For this Labor Day weekend, Saudi Arabia’s King Salman has come to the US to meet the President, and in doing so has already shown up the entire world on how to burn cash as if it was going out of style.

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Not only did the King rent out the entire Georgetown Four Seasons hotel and covered every interior surface in gold, but also increased his original 10-car motorcade to 410 cars total. That’s right, the Saudi King hired an addition 400-cars to help move him and his entourage around the nation’s capital.

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And it wasn’t just a few Uber drivers as well. The 410-car motorcade only consists entirely of brand new black, Mercedes S-Class’s. That’s right, 410-black Mercedes S-Class’s. The picture seems fake when you first look at it, but according to USAToday, the 410-strong motorcade was so large, that the King’s staff had to keep the entire line of cars at Joint Base Andrews.

Wouldn’t it be nice to ball this hard?

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