Sammy Hagar To Auction His LaFerrari

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Sammy Hagar To Auction His LaFerrari
Sammy Hagar To Auction His LaFerrari

Aging rocker Sammy Hagar is letting go of his slice of the so-called “Holy Trinity” or three hypercars released a decade ago. Time marches on and the former Van Halen frontman and Rock & Roll Hall of Fame inductee has decided to let someone younger and spryer enjoy his 2015 Ferrari LaFerrari.

Matthew Perry had quite the impressive car collection.

Ferrari limited production of these special gasoline-electric hybrid hypercars to just 499 units. At the time it showcased the most advanced elements of modern engineering and design, wowing enthusiasts around the globe. After all, the naturally-aspirated 6.3-liter V12 engine combines with an electric motor for 949-horsepower. This Italian pony can gallop from 0-60 in under 3 seconds and has a top speed of over 217 mph.

Hagar was obviously just as impressed as everyone else, plus his fame bought him access to such a beautiful vehicle. He had it customized with a cream exterior to match a classic Ferrari the rocker saw in a picture hanging on the Maranello factory wall while visiting back in 2014. Carbon-fiber and black accents add a touch modern sophistication, with the same color scheme continued into the cabin.

LaFerrari values have risen at a healthy rate since the hypercar ended production. But the fact this one boasts a rock star owner, it sets the thing apart in an already elite and highly desirable club. Plus, this LaFerrari has barely been driven with about 1,100 miles showing on the odometer.

If you’re interested in this Ferrari hypercar or just want to see how much it pulls down while on the auction block, it will be part of Barrett-Jackson’s 2024 Scottsdale Auction in late January. It will go before attendees on Saturday January 27 with the event televised and streamed online for anyone who can’t be there in person.

Image via Barrett-Jackson