Samsung Builds A See-Thru Semi Truck

Apparently, if you pass a truck in Argentina, you stand a good chance of dying. At least that’s the message behind an experimental truck being shown by Samsung that provides a clear view of what lies ahead.

Called the Samsung Safety Truck (but with a funky spelling of truck), it has a front-mounted camera that displays oncoming traffic to four large monitors mounted on the trailer’s rear doors. Samsung, with its background in technology, was able to solve the problem of sun glare diffusing the monitor’s visibility, according to The Verge.

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samsung night vision mode
samsung night vision mode

Samsung says one person an hour dies on Argentina roads, where the safety truck was introduced on a trial basis. Eighty percent of those deaths happen from people attempting to pass. So, we’re talking about 19 Argentinians a day, on average, being killed while attempting to pass.


Enter the safety truck, which is meant to cut down on those deaths. Reportedly, Samsung is attempting to get regulatory approval for the special trailers. No cost was provided, but it can’t be cheap to mount four gigantic monitors capable of withstanding the elements.

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The Samsung Truck was inspired by Art Lebedev’s Transparentius, which was covered by Engadget back in 2009. The Russian design house created a truck that had front cameras and rear-mounted monitors to give followers the ability to “see” through the truck to know what was ahead.


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