The SCG 008 Looks Like A Race-Bred Beast on Dirt

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scg 008 testing with armada engineering
The SCG 008 Looks Like A Race-Bred Beast on Dirt Armada Engineering on Facebook

The team at Scuderia Cameron Glickenhaus know a thing or two about building a capable off-roader. The outfit’s SCG Boot has become a staple of the Baja 1000 in recent years, garnering fans through its back-to-back victories over the Ford Bronco R in 2019 and 2020. That said, not everyone has $278,000 for their own McQueen-inspired buggy. The boutique automaker does offer a much cheaper entry into its lineup by way of the SCG 008, which we can now see in action thanks to Armada Engineering.

Unlike the brand’s series production vehicles, the SCG 008 is intended to be sold as a kit car. Customers are required to source an engine and gearbox for their build, though Glickenhaus is happy to help point you in the right direction. A GM-sourced 2.2-liter Ecotec four-cylinder and a Sadev transaxle are what the mid-engine chassis are set-up for, though we’re sure other powertrain avenues have been explored (LS V-8, anyone?). A full fuel system, including a 30-gallon fuel cell, is included in the kit. The company provides almost everything you’re going to need to get out on the dirt, starting with the 008’s carbon steel chassis. That chassis comes bolstered by independent suspension front and rear, complete with Grade 8 suspension components. The package utilizes Fox coilover shocks at all four corners, as well as a set of Eibach springs. Customers will need to fit their own six-lug wheels and a tire package that suits their needs.

The bodywork of the 008 is clearly inspired by the brand’s 004 sports car, which carries a base price of $483,000. Instead of being made from carbon fiber like that 004, the bodywork for the 008 is constructed from fiberglass. Like the sports car, the 008 employs a three-seater layout inside the cabin. The kit is slated to include everything you need to fit the bodywork to the chassis, and even includes skid plates, mirrors, a DOT-approved windshield, and all the requisite latches and hinges. The car has a rather serious presence to it, thanks in part to the dramatic proportions brought on by the giant tires. The SCG 008 looks like it’s a blast out on the dirt, with plenty of suspension travel should things get a bit airborne. It would certainly be tempting to smash burns at every opportunity, just as the driver in the clip highlights.

You can’t buy yourself an SCG 008 kit quite yet, but the automaker is currently accepting reservations on its website. It’s not exactly the cheapest kit car offering, with a Founders Package unit ringing in at $99,995. That is a ton of cash before you add a powertrain into the mix, but it’s significantly cheaper than anything else with a SCG badge on it. Good luck finding something quite like it anywhere else.

scg 008 testing with armada engineering on dirt suspension droop
Armada Engineering on Facebook

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