2015 Scion iQ

Up to 36 MPG city / 37 MPG hwy
$15,665 - $15,665

This odd little microcar, meant to compete with the Smart in crowded urban centers like San Francisco, looks and drives like a peanut. They make golf carts--and Honda Fits-- bigger than this. Though, like other Scions, it has a fun modern design and is unmistakably idiosyncratic, the iQ can barely get up a hill and can only be driven so quickly before you start to feel the wind whistle up through the floorboards. Small cars are good, even necessary, but the iQ has a hard time competing with other, better subcompacts such as the Fit, and the likable Hyundai Accent. Scion claims it gets better than 35 MPG, but test-drive estimates put it anywhere between 32 and 37, depending on how it's driven, and it rarely gets driven aggressively. Scion is having a hard time moving stock on the iQ. To make matters worse, the 2013 model has been subjected to a voluntary recall because of potential problems with airbag deployment, though no injuries have been reported. See more... See Less

Reviews and Ratings
Overall Rating
Pros Cons
Gas mileage. it actually gets what it says. No cruise control.
Footprint of car is small - great for parking No center console. it would be nice to have an armrest
Overall exterior design & styling Windshield not high enough: can't see light at many stops
Comfort in a sub compact Transmission seems to slip when accelerating
Add a diesel and it would be positively ultra truly exceptional Lack of storage & only a small cup holder
Interior seat & leg room & seat height Outer frame - not enough head room entering & exiting
Comfy interior, great for longer rides It needs a deeper glove compartment so things don't fall out.
Roadworthy-keeps up in traffic/ easy to drive on long trips Should get way better gas mileage for this size
Having 11 air bags makes me feel comfortable with a small car No spare tire and no room to store one
Area needed to turn around is unreal Should have better color choices for visibility