2014 Scion tC

Up to 23 MPG city / 31 MPG hwy
$19,210 - $20,210

2014 Scion tC

2014 Scion tC

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There are few compliments more backhanded to give a car than "it's good for its class," yet that's certainly true for the tC, the economy-car mainstay of the Scion fleet since its introduction in 2005. It's reasonably stylish, for its class, gets OK gas mileage, for its class, and has the typical plastic, generic interior that its class offers. It does to get better safety ratings than usual, and in that important aspect, it's ahead of its class. You're probably not buying an economy coupe for its ride quality, but in that respect the tC is reasonably good. Also, design isn't your primary concern either, which is probably for the best, since this is about as generic looking as cars get, a Toyota Celica for a new generation. That said, as car models go, this one, entering its eighth year, is positively venerable, and for good reason. It's proven safe and reliable for its owners. The tC may not be a class act, but it at least gets a passing grade across the board. See more... See Less

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Reviews and Ratings
Pros Cons
Performance - handles and drives well Gas mileage - i drive on eco & i get really bad mileage.
Overall feel of the car - leg room, driving Interior could look better, feels cheaped-out
It looks gorgeous, the color is outstanding Very hard to judge distance while parking & backing.
Sound system - great quality and very easy to use Visibility - hard to see front sides & rear
Rims - very nice and sporty The doors are very long and create difficulty of entering/exiting in parking lots
Exterior styling of release series tc, gets looks everywhere Kinda slow for the style of the car
Excelent engine / 6-speed automatic transmission No barrier between back seat & trunk - too noisy
Ability to stream pandora radio on my cell phone to my car's speakers Kids are always trying to get me to race them
Design - two door hatchback: that's sporty! Sunroof makes excessive noise when open
Folding side mirrors & lights on mirror Very disappointed with cd player/speakers - needs more high/low controls