2014 Scion xD

Up to 27 MPG city / 33 MPG hwy
$15,920 - $16,720

2014 Scion xD

2014 Scion xD

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In some ways, the xD can't be blamed for its troubles. When Scion launched, no other carmaker had any clue how to reach the youth market. The xD is one of the cars that set the blueprint: Affordability, quirky styling, fuel efficiency, and a bright color palette. That worked for a while, but now the xD is having trouble keeping up with other strong entry-level vehicles like the Ford Fiesta, the Hyundai Accent, and the Kia Rio. It's lagging in terms of gas mileage and performance, and though it still has all the wackiness that young Scion buyers crave, the rest of the pack has caught up to it in recent years. That said, a budget car gets you a lot more for your money than it did even five years ago, and the xD comes standard with an HD sound system, air conditioning, and all the necessary USB connectivity doo-dads. It also has good storage space for a hatch, when the seats fold down. Still, Scion's not leading this space any more, and it has a lot of catching up to do with the xD. See more... See Less

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Pros Cons
Fuel economy fits my focus on environment Quality of seats, comfort & style
Great acceelation handling for car of its size Because of the design of the rear window there are 2 blind spots
The comfort for an economy small vehicle More center console room / storage
The quality compared to other brands in same range A little uncomfortable for long rides
Trunk and cargo space fit my sporty lifestyle Loud when driving on the highway
Exterior, paint & design of vechicle Visibility when cornering
Side air bags, great front seats, mpg Front cupholders abit hard to use efficiently
Motor - power & drivability Although great m.p.g.- small gas tank
The interior space and design Sun visor on drivers side comes off hinge easily
Bluetooth enabled sound system with phone Rear seat harness system - distracting for driver