Scuba Team Searches for 1968 Camaro Underwater

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Hundreds of Harley-Davidsons were also on the radar…

Divers looked for a 1968 Chevrolet Camaro SS submerged in a pond as well as hundreds of Harley-Davidson motorcycles in a river thanks to two interesting tips. One of our favorite YouTube channels for seeing interesting cars discovered underwater is Adventures with Purpose. These guys have been finding and removing all kinds of vehicles from lakes, rivers, ponds, and other bodies of water for some time all over the country. But, as you’re about to see, the work isn’t all glamorous.

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The first is a rumor about hundreds of parted-out Harley-Davidson motorcycles being dumped into a river from a bridge. According to the guy who was told this story, a certain motorcycle gang was stealing bikes and taking off components to build their own, then dumping the leftovers in the river. It’s a believable tale, but they failed to find the motorcycles.

When it comes to the 1968 Camaro, there’s an interesting and valuable lesson in the legend of how it was dumped. Supposedly, back in the early 90s the guy who owned the American muscle car cheated on his girlfriend. As they say, a scorned woman is capable of doing a lot of things, not that she’s justified in doing so. This girlfriend apparently stole the guy’s car and drove it into a pond for revenge. That’s pretty cold.

Even more interesting, this scorned girlfriend got another guy to help her. We’re sure the guy thought he was going to look good for the girl, but would you really want to impress someone so vindictive? Vandalizing or destroying someone’s car is just wrong, no matter what they supposedly did. Leave the cars out of the drama!

They didn’t have scuba gear with them, so they relied on a snorkel set. With visibility low there was some difficulty identifying the car they did find in the pond. Unfortunately, they concluded it was an old Volkswagen Beetle and not the Camaro. This just shows that hunting for sunken cars doesn’t always result in something as exciting as anticipated, similar to how it is hunting for barn finds.

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