The Second-Gen V-6 EcoBoost F-150 Raptor Outsold the Original V-8

Chris Perkins
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Photo credit: Ford
Photo credit: Ford

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The Second-Gen Ford F-150 Raptor Outsold the First

The new, third-gen Ford F-150 Raptor is here sporting an updated version of the twin-turbo V-6 that powered the last Raptor. This has inspired a bit of debate about V-6 versus V-8, which the original Raptor had. While a vocal subset of enthusiasts will always look down upon a V-6 Raptor, Ford has no reason to. Jalopnik reports that the second-gen Raptor outsold the first. A Ford spokesperson didn't provide any numbers to Jalopnik, simply saying one outsold the other. But it seems that though some enthusiasts may turn their nose up at a V-6 Raptor, actual paying customers don't mind fewer cylinders.

We also suspect that Ford built the V-6 Raptor in bigger numbers than the older V-8 as the latter likely had a bigger impact on its CAFE numbers. And in any case, Ford will put a V-8 in its upcoming Raptor R, likely the supercharged 5.0-liter from the Shelby GT500 so it can go up against the Ram 1500 TRX.

Formula 1 Is Still in Talks to Hold a Grand Prix in Miami

Formula 1's American parent company, Liberty Media, naturally wants to increase the sport's presence in the State. Speaking to, new F1 CEO Stefano Domenicali said it's a big priority of his to promote the sport in the U.S. and ideally, add a second Grand Prix here. Domenicali confirmed talks are most advanced with the organizers of the Miami Grand Prix, though other circuits are a possibility. It's worth noting that at this moment, the only other FIA Grade One circuit suitable for holding a GP in the U.S. besides COTA is Indianapolis. Other tracks could make upgrades to achieve Grade One status, or more street races could be proposed. Domenicali said that it's unclear whether or not the U.S. Grand Prix would rotate between two circuits, or if there would simply be two annual F1 races here every year.

Ford Doubles EV Investment

In Wall Street's eyes, Ford is behind GM in developing new EVs and while Jim Farley disagrees with that assessment, the Blue Oval has to do more to impress investors. Automotive News reports that Ford will double its EV investment to $22 billion by 2025, with a majority of that going to battery-electric vehicles, not hybrids. Unlike GM with its announcement of going all-electric by 2035, Ford didn't make any proclamations as to when (or if) it would make a full transition. Instead, Farley said "Our time is now. We're not talking about aspirations." Right now, Ford has the battery-electric Mach E SUV and plans to launch an electric F-150 and Transit next.

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