Semi-Truck Crashes Big In Michigan Construction Zone

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Semi-Truck Crashes Big In Michigan Construction Zone
Semi-Truck Crashes Big In Michigan Construction Zone

One of the scariest situations on the road is when a gravel truck runs out of control. That’s especially the case when they’re hauling two trailers of the heavy stuff, making them absolute wrecking balls on wheels.

Thieves looted a semi-truck as it sat at a red light.

The accident footage we’ve shared comes out of Lansing, Michigan when a gravel truck traveling along Hwy 127 enters a construction zone. The whole thing was caught on the dashcam of another semi.

As the gravel truck enters a turn in the construction zone, it starts losing control of its rear trailer, sending it careening onto the shoulder.


Likely panicking, the driver overcorrects, swinging that rear trailer toward the median. It struck an MDOT truck sitting there, doing significant damage. Even though there were two MDOT employees sitting in the truck at the time, one was completely uninjured and the other suffered only minor injuries.

While authorities concluded intoxication wasn’t a factor in the crash, the driver of the gravel truck was cited for careless driving. So he’s facing a big fine, especially since he crashed in a construction zone. We have to wonder what his employer thinks about all this.

When you’re driving a big truck, you have to plan ahead and watch what’s happening down the road. You can’t just whip through curves in the road, stop on a dime, and turn at the last minute. Everything has to do more deliberate, slower, and planned out.

This is why commercial drivers can afford to be distracted even less than passenger vehicle drivers, who really can’t afford to be distracted at all. We don’t know if that’s what happened in this incident, or if it was just that the driver was speeding and overconfident, but he definitely entered that curve way too hot.

Check out the dashcam footage for yourself.

Image via WLNS 6 News/YouTube