Semi Truck Deaths Keep Climbing

Photo: Christian Adams (Getty Images)
Photo: Christian Adams (Getty Images)

We talk a lot about the ever-increasing size of passenger trucks, and their often fatal impact on pretty much everything that is not a truck. But pickups, no matter how big or how heavy, do not compare to the true apex predators of American roadways: Tractor trailers.

New data from the NHTSA, via the Truck Safety Coalition, shows massive upswings in fatalities caused by 18-wheelers over the past few years. The data dates back to 2021, but it’s still damning — showing a 71 percent rise in large truck fatalities from 2009 to 2021. From the Truck Safety Coalition:

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Some of these rules are already in place, but others will likely be a subject of debate for months, years, or decades to come. We love our quick and effective infrastructure laws here in the States.

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