Semi-Truck Robbed At A Red Light In Memphis

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Semi-Truck Robbed At A Red Light In Memphis
Semi-Truck Robbed At A Red Light In Memphis

Like a scene out of the Fast and Furious franchise, two men in a Ford F-150 robbed a semi-truck as it was stopped at a red light in Memphis, Tennessee. Not too long ago this sort of thing would’ve been considered absolutely crazy. But now it’s just the latest chapter in out of control theft.

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The theft in question involved a semi loaded with Nike merchandise. It happened right by the Nike distribution center in Memphis, so the thieves likely knew what was inside. Considering Nike products are easy to sell on eBay and just about anywhere else, we can see why they were so motivated to steal it.


A witness who got out his phone and took pictures of the theft said the driver of the semi had no idea someone had broken into the trailer. We’re astounded the trailer wasn’t locked to prevent this very thing.

Reportedly, about $2,500 in Nike products were stolen from the semi-truck’s trailer. That might not sound like much, but it’s the principle that really counts.

We’ve seen semi-truck robberies like this before, but it’s still sad to realize people are this dishonest. Fox13 Memphis, which originally reported on this story, pointed out this isn’t the first time Nike products have been looted while in transit through the city.

In fact, the report briefly touched on other commercial truck robberies which have taken place in Memphis in the recent path. It’s quite the problem there.

As this sort of crime becomes increasingly common, trucking companies will be forced to deal with the sad reality. We hope things don’t come to that, but we still can’t believe the trailer wasn’t locked up. Perhaps having sturdy locks is the first step towards preventing these opportunistic lootings.

Image via Fox13 Memphis/YouTube