Shania Twain’s Tour Bus Was In A Horrible Accident

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Shania Twain’s Tour Bus Was In A Horrible Accident
Shania Twain’s Tour Bus Was In A Horrible Accident

A crash on November 8 left Shania Twain’s tour bus on its side by a Canadian highway with several tour crew members rushed to the hospital. It looks like the crash, which was between the bus and a semi-truck, is being blamed on treacherous road conditions in Canada.

Watch out for police impersonators saying a relative of yours has been in a fatal car accident.

The tour bus and truck were driving on the highway between Winnipeg and Saskatoon when they crashed. Images taken by CBC journalists on the scene show the bus on its side, various items spilled out into the snowy field where it came to rest. A portion of the bus was obviously on fire.


According to the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, the crash took place at just after 7 am with the truck jackknifing while the bus rolled onto its side. Rainfall, followed by snow reportedly made the roads incredibly slick and dangerous.

Responding firefighters had to break out 13 people trapped inside the bus. Since it’s a double-decker model with sleep quarters up top, rescuers had to cut through that to reach some of the trapped passengers.

Thankfully, the CBC report claims most of the passengers suffered only minor injuries with nobody sustaining life-threatening wounds. That alone is a miracle. Other accidents were reported in the area due to the slippery conditions and a part of one highway was closed for a while.

With winter now descending on different parts, this accident should serve as a reminder to everyone that in slippery conditions it’s best to err on the side of caution. Slow down, give yourself plenty of space to slow to a stop, and avoid making sudden movements. If you can stay off roads after a winter storm, that’s the best policy.