Sigala Designs Elevates The Z06 With Forged Carbon Fiber Body

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It's the first of its kind.

When Sigala Designs burst onto the scene in mid-2021 with its audacious C8RR bodykit for the Chevrolet Corvette Stingray, the automotive world took notice. Fast-forward to now, and the tuner is making waves again—this time by taking the iconic Chevy Corvette Z06 and transforming it into a full-bodied forged carbon fiber masterpiece.

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Sigala Designs embarked on this ambitious project by first stripping the Corvette Z06 down to its core—literally. The entire original body, right down to the doors, was removed, leaving behind nothing but a skeletal frame, surrounded by the vehicle's mechanical components and interior. What followed was a meticulous process of rebuilding the car's exterior, but this time in forged carbon fiber—a material noted for its striking aesthetic and lightweight properties.


The resulting transformation isn't just skin-deep. This isn't your average forged carbon fiber; it's something that arguably outshines competitors in visual appeal. The fibers boast a lighter hue that captures attention and prompts the question: is this the future of car design? While that's a matter of personal taste, there's no denying that Sigala Designs has elevated the art of car modification.

As for availability and cost, details remain sparse. While the Sigala Designs website doesn't specify whether this complete body transformation will be made available to the public, one thing's for certain: if it does hit the market, it won't come cheap. Currently, the company offers a more modest forged carbon fiber aero package, comprising a high rear wing, new side skirts, a revamped front splitter, and carbon fiber canards, with a price tag of $6,999.

But that's not all. The tuner also offers an array of other aftermarket upgrades for the Corvette Z06. Options range from a Lamborghini-inspired scissor door conversion to carbon fiber engine covers and side air intake surrounds. Even smoked taillights are on offer, a seemingly minor change that remarkably alters the visual essence of this American supercar.

In a world where aftermarket modifications often flirt with excess, Sigala Designs manages to find a balance between audacity and artistry. By replacing the Corvette Z06's traditional panels with forged carbon fiber, the tuner has once again pushed the boundaries of what's possible, leaving us eager to see where it will steer its innovative energies next.

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