Take to the Skies in Your Subaru Air Mobility Concept

subaru flying car
Subaru Air Mobility Concept Is a Flying SubieSubaru
  • The Subaru Air Mobility show concept is designed to preview a flying car from the automaker.

  • The concept shows Subaru is looking at “more freedom in mobility.”

  • Subaru is working with aerospace engineers to have a functioning, demonstration version.

Flying cars have been coming soon—since the turn of the 20th century. Though, it seems like there’s even more attention than ever surrounding the flying car idea. Subaru’s latest concept is proof that major automakers are looking to the skies to help people avoid gridlock traffic. Dubbed the Air Mobility Concept, Subaru showed the Japan Mobility Show in Tokyo that it has skyward aspirations.


Surprisingly, the Air Mobility Concept does look carlike. Even more surprising, it looks like a Subaru, with some of the same design language you’ll find on current Subaru road cars. The signature lighting is similar to what we see on the current Ascent. If you had any questions about what kind of car this was at 4000 feet, Subaru has it spelled out in the tail lights.

subaru flying car rear
The Subaru Air Mobility Concept from the rear.Subaru

Making this concept even more interesting is that Subaru says it’s working with aerospace engineers on flight demonstrations. Naturally, this is terrifying, but for fans of the idea of flying cars: it’s only looking up. The company hasn’t disclosed what kind of powertrain it plans on using to feed its multi-rotor design, but judging by the layout it will likely rely on a big electric battery.

There’s no word on Subaru’s official plans to reach for the skies, but you might have to wait awhile to see how different governments and agencies respond to the idea of personal aircraft crowding their respective air spaces.

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