Skoda Octavia

skoda octavia review 2024 01 tracking front
skoda octavia review 2024 01 tracking front

Few cars encapsulate the spirit of the brand that produces them like the Skoda Octavia. Whether in hatchback or estate form, the model has become known for its understated charm, all-round practicality and tremendous value for money.

The formula clearly works: across four generations since it was launched in 1996, Skoda has now sold more than seven million Octavias, easily making it the firm's best-seller. And the values of the Octavia have seeped into the brand's whole line-up today.

The history of the Octavia essentially charts Skoda's growth under Volkswagen Group ownership. It sits on the VW Group's MQB platform that it shares with the Volkswagen Golf and its 28-year history showcases Skoda's rise from budget brand to a credible mainstream brand.


The fourth-generation Octavia arrived in 2020 as an altogether more mature offering than previous generations, with bolder styling and a plusher interior. And it’s now been given a mid-life facelift, with subtly refreshed exterior styling, an upgraded infotainment display inside and a revamped powertrain line-up – including a new entry-level petrol.