Slash’s 1966 Corvette Is Up For Auction

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Slash’s 1966 Corvette Is Up For Auction
Slash’s 1966 Corvette Is Up For Auction

Collectors and enthusiasts have the rare chance to own the 1966 Chevrolet Corvette which was owned and driven by Guns N’ Roses guitarist Slash. In fact, it was one of the first big purchases the musician made back in 1988 as the rock band climbed the charts and his cashflow increased.

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Slash and the ’66 Corvette appeared on the cover of the January/February issue of Car Stereo Review magazine back in 1995. In the interview he admitted to loving driving cool cars but not knowing anything about fixing them, preferring to pay someone to do that. He also told the interviewer, “I like to drive them and drive them fast. And if I smash them, oh well.” We’re just not surprised.

Before anyone tries arguing this is in fact a ’67 Stingray, Julien’s Auctions has openly admitted the addition of rally wheels and a stinger hood, as well as a third taillight added to both sides of the rear fascia. Other than that the sports car looks to be mostly original.

According to the lot listing, this ‘Vette was partly restored “in recent years” including getting a repaint in 2011 after the front end was worked on. Among the work done was an engine overhaul, fresh leather upholstery, steering column rebuild, new dash pad, new glovebox door, new AC, and new wiring harness.

Back in 2011 the Corvette was auctioned off by Julien’s, something Slash told the auction house was “probably the hardest thing to get rid of.” The guitarist admitted he wasn’t driving it much anymore and so it was time to part with the dear friend. Still, he didn’t stick around to see the new owner pick it up.

Now the 1966 Chevy Corvette is about to go to yet another owner. Could that lucky person be you? Check out the lot listing here.