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After many years of research and shopping around for a distributor , the first Smart was released by the CEO of Swatch in 1998. He'd been looking for an opportunity to make an ultra-compact car for city driving. Though Smart had a good debut in Europe, it took nearly a decade more for the micro car to make its way to the US for proper distribution. While the Smart For Two hasn't seen the same success as other A-segment compacts like the Mini Cooper or even the new FIAT 500, there is certainly an appeal for a car that can fit two to a single parking space.

Smart technically only makes one model, but it's available in four flavors. The Coupe is available in Pure and Passion trims with differences like a panoramic sunroof and power windows offered on the premium model. The Cabriolet is equipped with the features of the Passion Coupe, but trades a solid roof for a folding cloth convertible top. The only drivetrain available, aside from the 1-liter three-cylinder motor in the general line up, is the new 100% electric drivetrain in the Smart ED (Electric Drive) that's capable of 107 combined MPGe.
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