Someone Carjacked A Federal Employee In DC

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Someone Carjacked A Federal Employee In DC
Someone Carjacked A Federal Employee In DC

Right now the big car theft news item everyone’s talking about is how a Secret Service agent shot at three people breaking into an unmarked Secret Service vehicle in Washington, D.C. That’s completely overshadowed another case where carjackers successfully stole a federal government vehicle in the District, illustrating yet again just how bad crime has become.

Clerical error leads to violent criminal’s release.

According to the Washington Metropolitan Police Department, the vehicle that was carjacked in the early morning hours of November 13 was a white 2017 Ford F-250 with a US Government tag G430683. The suspect, who is described as having a light complexion, was wearing all black and showed a handgun, an obvious threat if the driver didn’t hand over the truck.


Some users on X in the D.C. area say the truck belongs to AMTRAK, with one sharing dashcam footage of it driving down the road with heavy front end damage. Why and where it was crashed isn’t apparent, but it’s entirely possible the truck was stolen to be used as a battering ram to commit another crime – we’ve seen that over and over.

Crime in Washington, D.C. just like many other US cities has spun so far out of control that armed carjackings are just a part of life. If you don’t recall, a member of the House of Representatives was carjacked at gunpoint not that long ago. Another story that made waves was a 13-year-old carjacker being shot and killed by his victim.

And yes, the story about the Secret Service shooting at would-be car thieves has further intensified interest on this topic. The fact the capital of this country is in such a state of chaos is sad and yet sadly fitting considering the state of crime in many areas.

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