Someone Is Street Racing a New BMW M3 Touring in N.Y.C.

m3 touring street races in new york
BMW M3 Touring Street Races in N.Y.C.roc_nyc/tiktok

Video surfaced online Monday showing a BMW M3 Touring street racing on a New York City highway. An odd occurrence for multiple reasons, including the fact that the wagon isn't actually for sale in the United States.

The TikTok, uploaded by user roc_nyc, shows the Touring lining up with an F90-generation M5 on a blockaded Queens highway. A massive crowd surrounds the two BMWs, and a line of truck traffic appears to be halted behind the racing pair.

The stunt appears to have taken place on NY-878, just outside of JFK Airport.

Commenters note that the M3 Touring seems to be the one that was showcased and kitted out by London-based aftermarket parts shop R44 Performance. The car made an appearance at M Pact, a BMW car meet hosted at Pocono Raceway in Pennsylvania, last weekend as well. The shop's British plate, "R44 PRF," also appears to match the one shown in the street-race clip.


R44 Performance did not respond to Road & Track's request for comment.

Seeing an M3 Touring on U.S. soil is a feat in its own right. There are likely a handful on the ground at most, and there's a good chance it'll remain that way for about 25 years, until these cars are eligible for legal import and registration. It's unclear exactly how this specific example made it across the border, though it is possible for nonresidents of the U.S. to bring a non-Federalized car into the country for up to one year.

It's also unclear if any arrests were made or vehicles were impounded as a result of this seemingly unsanctioned street-racing blockade. The NYPD did not respond to Road & Track's request for additional information.

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