Sorority Girl Steals Golf Cart For Drunken Taco Run

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Sorority Girl Steals Golf Cart For Drunken Taco Run
Sorority Girl Steals Golf Cart For Drunken Taco Run

A maintenance worker at University of Central Florida found his work golf cart missing as he responded to a maintenance request on campus. Campus police went looking for the missing golf cart and quickly found it parked in front of a 7-Eleven nearby. When they searched the stolen vehicle, they found a set of keys as well as a student ID inside. Using these obvious clues, they went to the student’s dorm to have a little chat.

This allegedly drunk pharmacist can’t even recite the alphabet.

The sorority sister at first denied that the keys officers found were hers, but then she got cornered in that lie and had to admit the truth. Then it all starts coming out about how she stole the golf cart because walking to 7-Eleven is just too hard and there were no rental electric scooters available.


At the risk of sounding like Boomers, we want to take a moment and lament what’s happened to this generation. It used to be that a young college-aged person could walk a few miles without complaint. But now you ask them to walk a few blocks to get tacos and they act like you’re demanding they slide down a banister full of razor blades, then plop into a pool full of iodine. We guess that Wall-E cartoon got at least one thing right about the future.

Back to this girl, she seems to think stealing the golf cart from the maintenance worker is just a hilarious joke and that she won’t get in any trouble for the crime. We’re going to guess her home has few rules, even fewer consequences, and her high school teachers were all “cool.” So this is her first real dose of reality and it goes down hard.

She turns on the waterworks once the cops slap on handcuffs, when only moments before she was smiling and acting like all would be forgiven because stealing golf carts from maintenance is hilarious. Then she starts yelling directions at the cops. Did she treat her mommy this way?

For good measure, she yells at the maintenance worker standing outside as she’s escorted to the waiting police car. Yelling at the help at mommy’s house was probably encouraged.

Ultimately, this sorority chick got hit with a felony theft charge. We wonder if she continued her career at UCF or had to drop out and become a maintenance worker at another school?

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