South Carolina Is Cracking Down On The Carolina Squat

Photo: Laurens Police Department
Photo: Laurens Police Department

South Carolina is banning the “Carolina Squat,” which is when people raise the front of their trucks and SUVs several inches higher than the rear end. The ban comes after legislation was introduced months ago, but drivers will now receive warnings through the next 180 days. After that time, South Carolina police will be issuing fines and suspending driver’s licenses, as WSPA reports.

The law says a vehicle’s front fender can’t be four inches (or more) higher than the rear fender. South Carolina police are suggesting that now is the time to reverse the truck or SUV modifications, while the warnings are being issued.

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Bolt said cars are made level for a reason. When you raise your car like this, it changes the center of gravity.


“Obviously you’re tilted back, just like you would be sitting in a recliner at home, that makes it hard to see,” he said. “Your high beams are already set higher than your low beams, so when you raise the front of that vehicle, even if you lower your headlights, your high beams are going to be directly in people’s eyes.”

North Carolina and Virginia previously banned the “Carolina Squat,” but South Carolina is joining them, which makes squatting your truck or SUV officially illegal in both Carolinas. It seems like the popular car mod should change its title to something else since its namesake state has made it illegal.

Photo: Laurens Police Department
Photo: Laurens Police Department

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