In Space, No One Can Smell Your Many, Many Farts

Screenshot: CBS Sunday Morning
Screenshot: CBS Sunday Morning

Becoming an astronaut is a fairly romanticized career path, but there are a lot of less-than-romantic aspects to working 50 miles or more above the Earth’s surface. Case in point: just being in zero G makes the human body do all sorts of embarrassing things.

A new story from the New York Times exhaustedly points out that living in space comes with all sorts of “bodily indignities” which should give even the most eager potential space explorer pause. It turns out, it’s not just deadly radiation or muscle loss due to weightlessness astronauts traveling to spots in our own solar system will have to put with:

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While writing for Jalopnik has its ups and downs, I’ve never had to catheterize myself while on the clock (though we are issued Jalopnik-brand adult diapers during longer races and auto shows). There’s much much more to suffering in space than just pee not peeing and farts not smelling. Read all about the indignities of space travel from the New York Times here.

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