How Would You Spec Your McLaren 750S?

mclaren 750s configurator
Build Your Own McLaren 750S With New ConfiguratorMcLaren

McLaren's official configurator tool for the newly revealed 750S gives us a chance to mess around with the car's design and discover what sorts of options the company is planning to offer on its 740-hp supercar.

The 750S configurator is packed with ways to customize your McLaren, real or imagined. There's a choice of 33 different exterior colors, six interior colors, and three different wheel styles. There are also five wheel colors, 10 brake caliper colors, and three Pirelli P Zero tire compounds.

The site goes into impressive detail with customization options, with different finish choices for the hood, bumpers, spoiler, exhaust, and headlight surrounds. There are three different seats to choose from, including two carbon fiber buckets, the latter of which can be had in two sizes. There's even an option to have your passenger seat fixed or adjustable.


One thing the 750S configurator doesn't include is pricing. So you won't know how much your dream McLaren will cost once you're done building it. With a starting price of $329,500, we assume most cars to leave the production line will end up north of the $400,000 mark. But if you're on the configurator with the intention of buying a McLaren, the price probably doesn't matter anyway.

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