Speeding Cybertruck Owner Lies About Cops Shutting Down Public Road For Speed Tests Now In Trouble With His Job: The U.S. Air Force

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The U.S. Air Force has confirmed that it is investigating a video posted to social media that shows a captain speeding through a residential street in Las Vegas in his brand-new Tesla Cybertruck. Yes, this is a real sentence. Captain Matthew Wallace’s command at Creech Air Force Base in southern Nevada is now aware of the video.

In his now-deleted video posted to X on June 2 with the caption “Cybertruck makes U Turn using only my pinky. Check mate,” Capt. Wallace was seen reaching 83 mph in just 10 seconds on an empty residential road with a visible 35 mph speed limit, according to 8 News Now. After the acceleration, he makes the aforementioned one-pinky U-turn. What a flex, my dude.

Anyway, the video went viral and was quickly taken down by Wallace after a whole lot of backlash. Here’s what the Air Force captain said in response to him being called out online for dangerous driving, according to 8 News Now:


In response to online criticism about speeding, Wallace replied, “Also you notice there’s not a single car or a single pedestrian on the road? Ya think maybe I was smart enough to reach out to my cop buddies and let em know I was conducting a road test and they have cordoned off the area for me? Nice try buttercup.”

Well, amigo, there’s just one issue. The 8 News Now Investation team reached out to the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department, and wouldn’t ya know it, they weren’t aware of any officers closing streets for Wallace.

Police tell the news outlet that they aren’t able to cite Wallace for speeding based on the video – adding that investigations originating from videos are handled on a case-by-case basis.

It’s anyone’s guess as to what will happen to Wallace, but I’m sure he will have certainly learned his lesson and will never do anything dumb behind the wheel of a Cybertruck again… right?

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