Stacking Pennies: Ricky Rudd regrets not fighting Harvick at Richmond in ’03

In this clip from 'Stacking Pennies with Corey LaJoie,' Ricky Rudd joins to talk how he got the nickname 'Rooster' and not fighting Kevin Harvick at Richmond in 2003.

Video Transcript

COREY LAJOIE: But I've always wanted to know. And I'm sure that there is a story out there on how you got the nickname "Rooster."

RICKY RUDD: Well, I'm still sort of trying to figure that out. A crew chief, Richard Broome, gave it to me years ago. And I think really it came about where some racetrack somewhere, and he kept pushing me and pushing me, trying to get me riled up, get my temper going. He said, you drive better when you got that temper going. You get up on the wheel better.

So he said, you're just like a little bantam rooster. He said, you're not a big guy, but get you all fired up-- I'll get you hot and get you fired up, then you're ready to go out and fight these guys. And so he used to always work, try to get me to lose my temper. He just thought I drove better. I don't know.

COREY LAJOIE: And you mentioned fighting, that's when Ricky Rudd went to the top of my book when you shipped Kevin Harvick in Richmond. And he tries to-- he got up in there with that yap-yap mouth, trying to do something. And you were having none of it.

Now granted, it was spread up. We've had-- a couple of weeks ago, we talked about the fighting and the crews getting in there and breaking it up. Were you about to go throw some hands at Kevin Harvick or what?

RICKY RUDD: Well, you know, I don't know. When you hit that trigger-- everybody's got a trigger, and that trigger had been hit. The only thing that kept my in the car that day-- that kept me in the car that day was Pat Tryson. And he was standing at the door, you know, wouldn't let-- he's a big guy himself-- wouldn't let me get out. Probably a good thing. You know, he kept me penned up in there.

But you know, I was-- it could have gotten ugly. And probably the best thing that happened is that he did keep me penned up in the car. I don't know what would have happened, but it wouldn't have been-- it probably wouldn't have been pretty with two guys wrestling around on the ground somewhere probably.

COREY LAJOIE: I'd watch television.

RICKY RUDD: Yeah, probably make for good television. Of course, I had more than my fair shares of fines that came-- I remember getting fines back in the day running North Wilkesboro. And that was before they had email or computer stuff. I'd get an email-- I mean, I'd get a fax at that time, $10,000 detrimental to the sport of auto racing signed by Bill France.

And I had more than a few of those. And a lot of them, I didn't feel like I rightfully deserved. And a couple of them, I probably did.

COREY LAJOIE: Yeah, well, I mean, I appreciate the time. But before you go, every guest we have on here, we do a little game of "Would You Rather?" So A or B answers. First question, would you rather fight one Kevin Harvick-sized rooster or 100 rooster-sized Kevin Harvicks?

RICKY RUDD: I don't know. I'd fight him just the size he is now. That's probably one of the biggest regrets I got.


RICKY RUDD: I don't know. He's a great driver, let me just leave it at that. [LAUGHS]

COREY LAJOIE: Love it. Love it. All right. So if you had to pick one race to come back to, if you had-- would you rather come back to a Bristol asphalt track, Bristol concrete track, or Bristol dirt track? Which one would you pick?

RICKY RUDD: You know, I never did--